Cardboard Box Recycling

Collapse Your Cardboard Boxes Before Tossing Them In The Bin…

Really! Collapse those boxes! It’s easy. Not only does it leave more room in the bin for even more recyclables but it also saves a lot of hassle for workers too.
Cardboard Box Recycling

You’re busy, we get it. Between cheering on sports teams, trying out that workout from Pinterest, and soaking up the warm weather before another snow storm, there’s barely enough time to breathe! The good thing about collapsing a box is that it only takes roughly a minute from your busy day. It is so simple. Take an Xacto knife, just rip the tape off the box, or unfold it. You’re done in seconds!

The idea of juggling multiple flat boxes is scary… the fear of dropping something on the way to the bin is unbearable! Making two trips to the bin? Forget about it. It does seem appealing to toss all the smaller boxes into one big box and get all the cardboard out of sight.

Cardboard Box Recycling

What good does this do though? If anything it causes more work for everyone. Without collapsing your boxes, your bin will be overflowing before the next pick up day and workers will later have to collapse the boxes too.

Lack of collapsed boxes doesn’t only happen in the homes of Calgarians, but it also happens with businesses too! You just got a big shipment of stock, you’ve spent hours receiving it, and now you just want to go home. You want to toss them in the bin and clock out. If boxes from a residential area slow down the system, imagine how much all the boxes from a business will slow it down! Take the extra minutes to collapse the boxes, even if it means you’ll be home a minute later.

Unfortunately, workers don’t have all the time in the world to collapse your boxes. They are on a schedule. It might seem inconvenient to you but it is even more inconvenient to them if they have to collapse 20 boxes when they could be out doing their work. It slows the program down immensely. We’re trying to save a planet here!

Imagine if no one collapsed their cardboard boxes, there would be no room for any other recyclables. ┬áThink about it… if everyone decided to collapse their boxes things would run smoothly and effectively.

We all have the common goal of making our great city greener. We should all do our part in working towards that goal, no matter how small it is!