Office Recycling Calgary


Recycling at work always seems to be less of a priority than recycling at home. It’s unfortunate because most people who work in an office spend half of their day there. Offices are big consumers of paper and paper products. Much of the paper used for printing is discarded within the same day. No one wants to hurt the environment, but sometimes during our busy days it is hard to think about the impact we are having. Here are some ideas to help take your office recycling to the next level:

Office Recycling Team

Assemble A Team

Get some green-thinking colleagues together and take on the challenge as a team. You will have a broader perspective and be able to implement a more practical program. Don’t leave it all to one person.

Waste Audit

Get To Know Your Waste

By the end of this year all Calgary offices will be required to divide waste into three sections: mixed recycling, organic waste, and garbage. Knowing how much you produce of each will help determine how to collect and store your waste. A waste audit will help you know what you are producing and how effective your current program is. You can dig around in the garbage, or hire a professional, to divide a day’s worth of waste into the three categories.

Office Recycling Traffic

Map Out Office Traffic

Consider where waste is being produced and identify optimal collection points based on office traffic patterns.

Office Recycling Bin

Make It Personal

Some offices have had good experiences with a centralized program that requires each employee to collect waste at their own desk in a designated bin and then deposit it at a centralized location. Employees become accountable at the individual level and are motivated to participate.

Office Communication

A Big Focus On Communication

Let everyone know about the program, and then let them know again. Education is a crucial element to the success of any waste management program. Make sure employees are aware of what can be recycled and what is considered organic waste. Use signage to encourage recycling and to identify recycling bin locations.