Calgary Commercial Recycling

November 1st is just around the corner and the Calgary Commercial Recycling Bylaw will be in effect. We want to make sure that everyone is prepared, so here is a recap of the bylaw requirements:

Who Is Affected?

Hospital Recycling


School Recycling


Office Recycling


Store Recycling


Restaurant Recycling


Hotel Recycling


Manufacturer Recycling


Factory Recycling


Church Recycling

Places Of Worship

Warehouse Recycling


Other Operations Recycling

Other Operations

How To Comply

Organizations will have to collect and store the following items separately from their waste and make sure they are taken to a recycling facility:


  • Newspaper
  • Catalogs & Magazines
  • Mixed Paper
  • Shredded Paper
  • Telephone Books
  • Boxboard & Corrugated Cardboard
  • Glass Jars & Bottles
  • Food Cans & Foil
  • Refundable Beverage Containers
  • Plastic Containers With Recycling Symbols 1 – 7
  • Juice & Soup Boxes
  • Scrap Metal
    • Wires
    • Fixtures & Fittings
    • Sheeting
    • Automotive Parts
    • Metal Plumbing & Racks
  • Wood
    • Dimensional Lumber
    • Wooden Pallets
  • Clear Plastic Film
    • Film Wrap
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Stretch Wrap

Bylaw Enforcement

The City of Calgary has said that their first step for dealing with bylaw infractions will be working with the organization to help them become bylaw compliant. Extended non-compliance will lead to a fine for the business or organization.

Who You Gonna Call?

Little Big Recycling offers customized solutions for any situation. We are a Green Calgary verified hauler and our processes are fully compliant with the Calgary Commercial Recycling Bylaw. Let us know what you are looking for or get in touch with us for an on-site assessment.


The City of Calgary